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21' LS

Hot Boat of the Month

Shockwave Model 21' LS - Icing the Basics with a Cool, Custom Touch

21' Skier

Jetboat Tests - Shockwave 21' Skier

Shockwave 21' Skier

Shockwave 21' Skier

Shockwave 21' Skier

21' Step Skier

Shockwave 21' Step Skier

After-Shock: Shockwave's Electrifying 21' Step Skier

Performance Evaluations - Shockwave 21' Step Skier

22' SC

Bowriders - Shockwave 22' Lexis

Shockwave 22' Lexis

Love That Lexis

25' Tremor

Big Shooter

Bowriders Test - Shockwave 25' Tremor

Apparent Bargain - Shockwave Custom Boats' 25' Tremor Offers Plenty of Family Features and Ample Power at a Reasonable Price

Shockwave's latest version of its 25' Tremor is a fetting blend of performance and value

Shockwave 25' Tremor Walk-Through

Shockwave 25' Tremor Walk-Through

2005 Bowrider Tests - 25' Tremor - Shockwave

Shake It Up - Shockwave's 25' Tremor has all the right moves

2003 Performance Evaluations

25' Bowrider

26' Catamaran

Shockwave 26' CAT

Here's a terrific tunnel that carves through rough chop like nobody's business

Entry-Level-Roundup - Debut Party - Shockwave Custom Boats roll out its first catamaran

28' Deck Boat

Sure Thing - There's No Doubt Shockwave Custom Boats' 28' Deck Boat Is The Complete Package

Level Headed - Shockwave's 28' Deck Boat is a great all-around combination of performance, comfort and price

Shockwave 28' Deck Boat

Shockwave 28' Deck Boat

29' Magnatude

Shockwave 29' Magnatude

Shockwave 29' Magnatude - Double Standard

Swimsuit Bonanza - Shockwave 29' Magnatude

All About The 'Tude

2004 Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations - 29' Magnatude - Shockwave

2000 Awards for Product of Excellence - Outstanding Offshore Value

Shockwave's Blazing 29' Magnatude

ShocKing! - Rocking the Epicenter of the Move to Full-Sized Customs

35' Magnatude

Shockwave's New 35' Magnatude Expands Blue Water Horizons

All About The 'Tude


Show Boating

Shockwave Regatta

Hot Boat's Boat Name Contest

Hot Regatta - Shockwave

Hot Boat Regatta - Shockwave

Regatta - Shockwave Party

Shockwave Regatta

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