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Shockwave Custom Boats was established in 1993 and immediately found their niche in the Family Custom Boating world by building a quality product.

Since that early beginning, Shockwave has continued to build on that reputation and expanded their product offering. While continuing to build a following in the 21' to 22' Bowrider market, Shockwave has exploded onto the 25' and larger Deep V market.

While seeing growth year after year, Shockwave has not forgotten what has propelled them into the upper echelon of West Coast boat manufacturers: Customer Service. Along with outstanding product quality, customer service is what has continued to bring new members to our family and why current owners stay within the Shockwave family when they are ready to move onto a larger boat.

Quality, Response, and Customer Service will remain Top Priorities as we continue to grow and expand our product line.

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