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Dear Chris,

I want to thank you for helping me thru the process of buying my new boat. I was very impressed and satisfied with the level of service and cooperation I received and the countless hours you and I spent together making sure that it was the boat of of my dreams and built to my specifications. My entire family and myself are very happy with the results and are proud of our boat. The level of service and commitment on the part of the Shockwave staff has always been friendly and professional. This is a great place to buy a great boat at a fair price with all of the bells and whistles. I highly recommend your company.

Thanks again,

Manuel LaFosse...A Proud Shockwave Family

Dear "Shockwave crew",

Kimberly and I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful experience we had dealing with 'Shockwave Boats" we absolutely love our new '"29' Magnatude"!

We have taken our boat out on two separate boating trips. The shockwave rode beyond our expectations!! The ride was as smooth as a knife through butter. The driving experience was amazing! It is very simple to operate making you feel very confident and in control when driving behind the wheel!

We are extremely impressed with how "shockwave boats" run their operation everyone is very caring concerned about your needs. Each and every time we were there, the environment was always well kept and orderly! We now that our boat was made with the same care and accuracy!!

A special thanks to Barry for his patience and understanding while helping us to design our new boat, to Danny who was a pleasure to work with during the paint and gelcoat color design and to bobby for his expert installation of the interior and drive train and to Greg for overseeing the production and making our "dream come true"!

Lynn and Kimberly Wiederholt

Dear Bob,

We just want you to know how much we love our new 21' step skier. After 20 years of owning boats., we finally know what owning a "'real" boat feels like.

Everyone did such a great job! Our boat FAR exceeds our expectations. On our maiden voyage, we got several thumbs-up and "very nice boat" comments.

Thanks to the solid and stable ride of our boat, no longer does Randy have to listen to me nagging him to be careful.

Thanks again to everyone for building such an incredible boat for us!

See you at the Regatta,

Randy & Lynn Montour
"Checkered Past"

Dear Bob, Danny and Greg,

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for a wonderful time at the 1st Annual Shockwave Regatta. We met a lot of nice people and saw some totally awesome boats. Of course, they were all Shockwave Boats!

I especially wanted to show my appreciation for the *Way Cool Little Fire Tube*. Everyone has enjoyed it immensely, even the dog! We recently took a vacation where that was the fun toy of the week.

I realize that this was something that you didn't have to do, it was greatly appreciated and quite a surprise.

Thank you from all my friends and family that attended the Regatta. Hope to see you again next year.

Barry Diehl

I am writing this letter to thank you for what has to be the best-built boat on the planet. I spent the last three years at every boat show I could find (dragging my wife along, much to her dismay). I looked at boats the like of Essex, Cole and Hallett.

I came across a relatively new company called Shockwave Custom Boats. They had a 22' boat. I spent the next two hours talking to their General Manager, Greg Herron, and tried to find a flaw in this boat. Needless to say, I couldn't find one. This boat was absolutely gorgeous.

I had been planning and researching the purchase of my next boat. I had a vision of exactly what I wanted and how it should look, right down to the colors and the graphics. I wanted a boat that would stand out and look like no other. I got it!

When I described to Danny Mancini, how I wanted the graphics laid out, he got excited. He didn't try to discourage me from the design. Danny exceeded my wildest dreams with the design.

The first time I saw my boat was at the Anaheim Boat Show. The gel coat work was flawless and the graphics were nothing short of amazing. (Try to get another boat builder to do that!) The rigging was as clean and as visually impressive as any I have ever seen, definitely a tribute to Bob Anderson's abilities. The interior work was truly amazing.

We have logged over 70 hours this summer without a single problem. My family and I have been boating over twenty years. I have never been as impressed with a boat as I am with my 22-Foot. The boat is extremely fun to drive and handles better than I ever imagined. There isn't an excursion that goes by that someone doesn't comment on how gorgeous this boat really is! It definitely turns heads! My three-year-old grandson has nicknamed it his "Way Cool Fire Boat".

You made my wife and I feel like we bought the boat from old friends and have been there for us every time we have a question. Our expectations have been exceeded; something I don't think other boat manufacturers could have achieved.

To our new Shockwave family, my sincerest thanks.
Barry Diehl

To Greg, Danny and Barry,

I'm writing this letter to thank all the good people at Shockwave for the wonderful experience we shared with them in purchasing our 22-ft My wife and I shopped for over six months and test drove several different types of boats. We stopped by their facility in Lake Elsinore and spoke with Barry and he was kind enough to take us for a test drive that very day in his 22ft After the test drive we were completely sold on the 22-Foot.

Greg made us a deal we could not refuse, including the amount we wanted for our trade in and the options we wanted on the 22-Foot it took less than an hour!

Danny, the graphics expert, was very helpful and patient in helping us design the graphics and colors we wanted.

It took four weeks from start to finish and we were able to watch our boat being built. I will never forget the day we walked into the showroom and saw the boat completed and sitting on the trailer. We were totally amazed! I must say the quality of workmanship was outstanding! Every detail was perfect.

We immediately left with our new 22-Foot for a week's vacation at Lake Havasu. From the moment we launched and I accelerated the smile never left my face and we knew then that we had make the perfect choice in selecting the Shockwave.

I feel for the money we spent, we could not have purchased a better boat. I envy no one on the lake and I highly recommend that everyone shopping for a new boat should experience the Shockwave. We will enjoy this boat for many years to come.

Once again we thank you.
Len and Leslie Atkinson

Hot Boat Magazine - Readers Ride

As an old boater for twenty-five years, I was one of the many folks that always purchased used boats that would accommodate our needs for water skiing and family fun. Unfortunately, these used boats appeared to need that extra TLC to keep the reliability as best as possible. For many years the idea of having a new boat was only a dream. Finally, my wife and I agreed the time has come for our family to have our first new boat. The remarkable part of this story is that it's easier to fine a buy on a used boat in comparison to purchasing a new boat from the entire manufacturer and models available today. As an Aerospace Engineer my check list consisted in quality of the boat as applicable to design and material used (hull construction four stringers), design in appearance interior / exterior and material used. Engine / Outdrive package (7.4L) and assessors offered. Both my wife and I wanted a boat that would seat a minimum of (10) people which would be 21 foot or longer. We wanted an engine that would provide performance and ride to water ski with the maximum load in the boat. For months we visited many manufacturers and two "Boat Shows" where we selected a 21 foot "Shockwave Skier". Shockwave offered the best package for our budget with providing the finest quality in hull construction and material used throughout the boat.

After the choice of what boat builder to purchase from, now becomes to task of color selection for exterior and interior which was not easy since there is allot of great pictures to make your selection and then re-configure to one's choice. Shockwave was very accommodating in our visits to their facility to see the progress from start to finish. I would have to say that Shockwave's staff promotes customer satisfaction when dealing with each customer. The Saturday we picked up the boat, Shockwave provided a checklist in detail to explain everything about the boat along with the customer's acceptance ride on windy Lake Elsinore, where I just wanted to get the hell off that lake due to the extreme condition that week-end. This water was not the best to get an idea how the boat was going to operate.

The following week end my wife and I were on our way to Lake Havasu for our own test ride and check out of our new boat. The 21 foot Shockwave Skier was easy to get on and off the trailer with no problems. We were very pleased with the ride and performance of the 7AL 454 engine package using the four-bladed-prop which gave us around 64 mph at 4600 rpm's. The ride was outstanding as this boat is on the heavier side and goes over rough water very well. The control of the boat at various speeds turning sharp was remarkable, it felt as if it was on rails. All in all, I've got no regrets with our first new boat and must give the credit to a great manufacturer of "Shockwave Custom Boats".

So, bottom line to our story, if you're in the market for a quality boat to buy, "don't forget to visit the staff at Shockwave Custom Boats" in Lake Elsinore and compare for yourself.

John and Loura Dashiell

To All The Shockwave People,

Thanks for doing a great job on my skier. The family loves it, as do all my friends.

It's nice to do business with people who treat you like you're special, always taking the time to answer my questions and show me what's happening on my boat.

Thanks again, I'm sure we'll enjoy it for many years

Russ Palley & Family

To Everyone at ShockWave;

I recently purchased a boat from you - the ShockWave Skier. To own a custom-made boat had always been a dream of mine, and I had been looking for quite awhile. I knew what I wanted in a boat, and after reading about your boat in the Hot Boat magazine I decided to visit your shop.

I was first impressed with the friendly and informal atmosphere. There was no hard-pressure salesmanship, just up-front and honest talk. You asked me what I wanted and then let me know what you had to offer. I knew after that first day that I was dealing with people who were proud of the quality of their boats and committed to the satisfaction of their customer.

I visited your shop many times while my boat was being built. I was excited to see it at the different stages, and you spent time with me each visit explaining each process. And even though I was taking up time in your workday, you all made me feel welcome. That friendly and informal atmosphere continued even after I signed the sales contract! That doesn't always happen in today's business world.

I just want to let everyone at ShockWave know how much I appreciate the honesty, friendliness and "personal touch" that I received as a customer. And I couldn't be more pleased with the final product. I am one satisfied customer.

Bob Anderson

Big Al,

I am finally writing to you and your firm to let you know how much my wife and I have enjoyed our new 22 foot. We are completely satisfied with the performance, comfort and the great graphics, not to mention all the custom features from the trailer to the boat hardware. There is plenty of storage and lots of room for our guests.

Big Al, this is a very functional and eye appealing boat. We have had many, many compliments on its appearance. We've even been told its the nicest on the lake, although I have seen some boats in the $70,000 to $90,000 price range that give us some competition.

I have a friend who has a 34 foot Magic with twin 502s and a fuel capacity of 186 gallons. You have to take out a loan before you go the lake in his boat. With the 22 foot we have a boat that is economical to operate and own.

We haven't forgotten that we promised you a professional photograph. A friend of ours is a photographer, so a picture will follow soon.

Big Al, thanks again for the professionalism that you and your associates have displayed. We would definitely purchase from Shockwave Water Sports again.

Ben & Sandi McGuy

Dear Mr. Bayne:

We are writing to you to express our congratulations on a job well done! We have owned three boats which we have purchased new and have never experienced the quality of craftsmanship and service that Shockwave Sports has given us. During the entire process of building our boat, we were encouraged to inspect the product and consulted to make sure that the boat we ordered was built to our expectations. This is the first time that our new boat was delivered and there were virtually no modifications or details left to be corrected. Not only was the craftsmanship excellent, but the boat ran perfectly. When we picked up the boat, Shockwave made sure that everything was in working order before we left the establishment.

We will most definitely recommend Shockwave products to all whom inquire; family, friends, and acquaintances. Shockwave boats are of superb quality and craftsmanship as is the service, as well!

Walter and Carol Dona


Shellee and I would like to write you thanking you for building our boat. It was an experience that my family will remember and talk about for many years. The workmanship and dedication to a quality product is something that you should be proud of We were impressed with the way the three of you worked together as a team to make sure that the final product was something we all could be proud of.

The performance and appearance of the boat exceeded our expectations and all of my friends that have ridden in and seen the boat have been impressed. I am also excited about the pictures in Hot Boat Magazine and hope that they bring many orders to your company.

I would like to say something about the staff that works for you also. Fred (I believe that is his name) is a fine worker and a joy to watch. The lady in the office (I am terrible with names) has a very pleasant demeanor and was able to give me the information that I requested and will help you greatly. As a small business owner myself I appreciate the hard work of employees especially ones that seem to have the understanding that if the company does well so will I.

It has truly been a pleasure working with your company and I will be talking to you all soon.

Mike, Shellee Sarah, and Matthew Reese

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